A vacation without the love.

The first half of the college semester is over. I now prepare myself for my first vacation alone. I wonder what I’m going to do?. No arguments in the car, no kids yelling driving you nuts, no checking the credit card seeing if you have enough till the end of the trip. Just you: a man can budget very easily especially when alone and when drinking isn’t involved: for I am a sober man. This trip comes at a great time because I really need time to think. My daughter surprised me with this trip by purchasing me a hotel in Orlando for a week. Most men would be ecstatic a week alone in Orlando wahoooo. Unfortunately my old stinking thinking is gone and my idea of a cheap thrill from some poor underprivileged chick is not what I’m looking for. I guess as you get older you start to see what life really is all about. It’s about family. Raising kids isn’t easy but it’s an accomplishment. The biggest success you can achieve is raising your children into becoming good solid citizens. We fret over the bills, social problems, jobs, and the wife.  We just want to run away from it all. But how can I call myself a man if I run every time my family cries for my love?  Love is more than sex, and happiness, its being available for anything your family needs. It was the teachings of my father and many men before him. We sometimes get into the attitude of needing space so we separate and hurt the family more. The eyes of lust have killed many families and we justify it by saying I’m not happy.  A man’s life isn’t easy, neither is the woman. Both have given up their freedom to form a merger of trust between them with a signed contract in front of the eyes of God. They fight through the rough times and do what they can to make the terrible moments easy to deal with. Hugging and cuddling and informing each other that the bad news won’t tear them apart. Love will always win the war and hate will lose, given up will lose; looking at the other women will lose, for God will not allow it!!! For in the final analyzes Love will beat hate. The only thing is both need to be on the same page if not than the merger is over.

May your dream come alive in 2014

By Tyrone Garcia   Author  of the book  “ Soap That doesn’t clean” available at amazon.com and iunerverse.com 

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