What have we done with the message of Christ.

Today I had the privilege to look at the movie “Son of God”.  I have to say Brad Pitt did a great Job although I’m not a professional movie critic, in my own opinion I was satisfied with his portrayal of Jesus Christ. I was waiting for old Brad to blow a fuse and fight the Romans and high priest off Israel and come down of the cross swinging but he didn’t and he actor did a good job. Like always you know what’s going to happen from the past movies dating back to Kings of Kings with Jeffrey Hunter who also played a great role in portraying the life of Jesus Christ. I have to say I watch this movie of Christ life more differently than in the past. My assessment of Jesus is that he was a revolutionary man. He attacked the status quo and tried to take the people and turn them into compassionate moral society. Jesus drew crowds and was forming a deep campaign for change. He was becoming a hero and healer of misery so fast that he alerted the so called high priest of Israel into worry. The high priest  to me as the movie shows were a bunch of bureaucratic politicians worrying more about their political influence in their town and kissing up to the Romans who they tried to push the crucifixion of Jesus on. The plot to get rid of Jesus is real for many people of influential power over the community are always assassinated whereas in this case they used the law to kill a man who was only looking to pass on peace, love, and harmony to all people. He never labeled himself with anything but love, and faith. I think many churches and people miss interpret Jesus message. Today we have tons of Christian churches but too many are not following Jesus.  They are following the high priest. Money making, preaching fear, and using the message of Jesus to manipulate the people and marketing their real message a business in disguised. How can we have so many churches, but so much crime, hate, poverty, homeless, murder, hypocrisy and false teachers of Christ? I am a follower of Christ but in my own way. I to attack the status qua and there laws made to capitalize on society. The over exaggerated fees, and gauging of people bank accounts when companies or the Government feels they can take your money when they want. Oh yes Jesus they really passed the message alright they passed it right into their million dollar houses and fortune 500 businesses. I might say though there are leaders we can follow and politicians that are really working for the people.  I do believe when Jesus comes back the high priest will crucify him again the high priest being the phony clergy we have running our country now. Jesus proves one thing in the movie that’s very powerful and that is:  Faith is power.  I believe in Him.

May your Dream come alive in 2014?

By Tyrone Garcia author of the book “ Soap that doesn’t clean” available on amazon.com or e-book 

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