The rule makers

Being yourself can surely hurt if you’re the type that attacks the status quo. Attacking the rule makers is never an easy thing to do even though this country was raised through revolution and argument against the self seeking people eaters. Try and name one thing you never liked but dealt with it because you were vulnerable to the rule maker. Knowing if you said something you are on the street with no job, no friends, and even no family. We live in a country that shares to the world that we are free, but drop a dime on someone more powerful than you and see where you wind up. Shouldn’t the truth be always first in our lives?  It’s all about who you know and what you can do for them or yourself. We live in the circle of the self- seeking humans. People struggle more because of the greed of others not the principal of the matter. Life is set up to keep you broke. They even have these payday loans which bury people more than anything. People selling all their gold and given their money away on payday.  People are stuck paying overdraft fees, late fees and the bill collectors just gauging the people for more than they have.  Because of direct deposit and too many bills hitting the bank account money evaporates quickly. The people are more in the circle of debt with no real relief in sight what are we to do. Well one good thing is tax time.  If you are lucky to receive a couple of thousands you may be able to adjust your budget and start living like a peasant. No more credit card vacations, restaurants, shopping mall, and even the life insurance policy may have to go to make room for the greedy rule makers. But what does that do? It kills the economy and starts to drive unemployment up because the retail stores are slow and the budgets aren’t being covered. But here comes the good part as the people go so goes the rule makers, if the people don’t have money to buy product the rule makers can’t survive themselves. Because slave masters needs slaves to run their fields. Credit is the only friend in America.  Most people forgot what a 100 dollar bill looks like because today all your money goes straight to the bank so the rule makers can control your funds. They told us that direct deposit was the best thing for us!! Look again and see if you agree when someone just charged your account and you didn’t have money and wind up with 3 overdraft fees of 35 dollars each. Or your boss decided to fire you because he doesn’t like you so he uses a lame excuse to get rid of you. I think it’s time people start to open their eyes and start to hold back and live more economical. The real survivors are always the poor who never have anything for they have inherited the earth and they live one day at a time. It’s a shame we have come to this.  There is so much for everyone to enjoy but the rule makers are dumb and greedy and so it will come back on them and the people will again enjoy life as it was meant to be. For in the end God will win and evil will perish and the sun will shine for real and our smiles will be just…….

By Tyrone Garcia

Author of the book “Soap That doesn’t clean” available on and any online book store along with e-book.

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