Friends are better than money

The day I got this cake was the day I made the biggest mistake off my life. The cake was given to me by co-workers who were saying good bye for I was seeking another position,  I treated them fair and good when I was their boss so they were just sharing their feelings with me.. It all started when I wanted a promotion that I didn’t get but was transferred. I won’t go into much detail… . While I was with that first group of great employees I emerged as manager and learned how to be humble and work with others. I also learned how to manage a business in a corporate field better than when I had my own  restaurant. If I would of known what I learned as a manager at that company when I had my business I would have had ten restaurants and been rich. But the moral of the story is I made a decision to go after more money than just be happy with what I had and stay right where I was. Maybe in Gods time I would have gotten that position, but greed to have more became my God and the new co-workers were different. I left my friends for more money and in the end I was with nothing.  life is an experiment and sometimes we win and sometimes we lose, but what’s important is that we learn…..

By: Tyrone Garcia.

Author of the book ‘Soap that doesn’t clean” available on

And soon to hit the streets is “The boss and the fighting Tier.” A 18th century fairy tale.


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