Education is Power

Education is the touchstone of success.  He who doesn’t grow with knowledge will never be free. Even if you have millions you are still a slave to the establishment. Education is more powerful than any money, person, job, etc.  So if this is true why do we discourage people from education on a daily basis? I have been without work for a month and whenever I go on these dare to be rich pyramid jobs I hear the same story all the time. I dropped out of college in my second year and started working as a yada ,yada ,yada ,and today I drive a BMW and I’m making 375.000 a year.  So now after hearing this I’m suppose to drop my education and go do what he does. Here I am 20 credits and two semesters from getting my associates degree, and setting myself up for bachelors.  What should I do? I know Bill Gates got rich without a college degree.  Maybe he was smart and educated to begin with.  Reading many books will give you all the education you need.  I was asked in an interview why I was going to school.  I told them to become more powerful.  I’m not going to school so I can make money in the future, I’m going to school so I can learn how to manage money and be more literate. . Last semester I took US history we studied the years 1492 till 1865. I learned many things that gave me a better understanding of what I’m up against in society.  I realized and learned that socialism is better than capitalism in my opinion.  I understand greed now, I understand violence now, I understand adultery  now, I understand dishonesty now, I understand  murder now, I understand God now,  I understand everything I have witnessed the last 52 years of my life now. I never would have known if I didn’t take the time out to educate myself in 2013 when history is less bias, than the history being taught in 1967 when I first started going to school.  Christopher Columbus was a federal holiday and we honored it.  Today I don’t.  I understand who Dr. Pedro albizu Campos was he certainly was not a communist; he’s my hero.I wonder if the guy who’s making 375000 dollars a year who left school knows this.  I wonder if he knows that his competitor is trying to destroy him like many other 375000 uneducated people who are broke today.  I know the feeling I had a little money before and its gone you know why? I dropped out of school when I was young and when the money came I didn’t know what to do with it. I won’t make that mistake again.

By Tyrone Garcia

Author of the book “ Soap That Doesn’t Clean” available on e-book and any other online book store.  

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