A Wake up call…

Its Super Sunday and I’m ready to cook good fatty food.. all rules are broken today and workouts start back up on Monday. Its been a rough week i lost several things but I guess I will learn and move on. Like i say life is an education we don’t fret or get depressed we add it to our book of life and continue. Because as they wrote the bible you are writing yours.We try to find ways to make society better and help people because its God work no matter the outcome.. God will always congratulate you for trying. We cant change people but through our actions we can be more effective in helping someone. the best is always to listen and not comment for people already know the truth they just need time to accept it. We need to keep an eye on our emotions because helping people isn’t easy we can sometimes try so much we get ourselves involved and forget what our real mission was. enjoy your day. I grew up this week….

By Tyrone Garcia

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