The universe is waiting for your wish.

Expectations can be troubling when they don’t happen.Thou some of us have some  wishes that can be a little to unrealistic.But are they? Whats the sense in having faith when you cant believe in your dream and expect to receive it. Even if your dream is to live in a castle and visit far away lands and exotic places. Whats the point in living if living is just waking up to a boss who hates you and gives you no real shot of being successful. The reason we have imagination is to create the world we want to live in. Its the only thing we have left in order to keep us in the hunt to achieve our  highest goals. When you ask the universe to just help you get by then that’s what you going to get enough to get by.  You play yourself thinking that if you ask for less you will get it. So you wind up with nothing and fighting life on a daily basis wondering why cant you get what you want. A long time ago their was a man living in a poor place. He was tired of looking at the same place and living in a poor home. He tried to get away but didn’t  have the means to do it. One day while at work he was cleaning an office and he saw a poster of a place in Spain. He looked at it for a bit and was asked by the lady who was working in the office ” what are you looking at? He said ” one day i’m going to go there” the lady looked at him like he was crazy, but the man was focus on what he was saying and said it with feeling and faith…Several months later that man found a job working on a ship and traveled not only to Spain but to all of southern Europe, and the middle east. He sat down in a Moorish castle and was able to see the town and sea from the top of the fort. All his  dreams  had came true and he lived the life he wanted and eventually bought his on castle. Just by saying a few simple words from deep within.and lots of feeling behind it. We all can have what we want we just have to mean it from within.. God has no monopoly on who is rich or poor: we all have free will to do as we wish.  Our own motives and actions will lead us to our future consequences which can be good or can be bad its up to you which you choose. The universe is waiting to grant your wish so ask, but ask with feeling behind the words and don’t  try to fool yourself you can have the world if you ask for it as long as you share it with others.

May your dream come alive in 2014

By Tyrone Garcia Author of the book  ” Soap That doesn’t clean” available on e-book or any online book sales.

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