A misty day…

There was once a strong mist in the sky  that developed within minutes all around the land. Nobody could see more than 3 feet ahead. Nobody knew what to do so everyone just stood still. No one moved for the strong mist had everyone worried thinking it was the end of the world. Some panicked, and some decided to just enjoy their last moments as they thought It was the end. Radio’s, TV, nothing worked no communications available.They had to use their own technology themselves. Some argued that God had come to end the world and some said it was just the weather. One man said lets just walk to our cars and try to  find help or see how far the mist was. But fear had played a role in their decisions so they just stood still. One man started talking about the terrible things people have done to the great world God gave them, Some complained about the government ,some just enjoyed their last moments. Then the religious battle started of who was wrong or right some threw punches and fought and Chaos broke out between the fearful people.Screams! Rage! swearing! had emerged as the fear grew stronger within the inpatient worried people.But several continued to enjoy their last moments. They talked about good times and showed gratitude for the lives they had. They didn’t even pray they just felt as nothing was happening, they looked at the whole scenario as a good time to spend with friends and neighbors. The panicked ones started going towards the happy group of people wondering why they weren’t respecting Gods life ending mist:  why were they not repenting for their sins as the end  was near! they should prepare to be with God..But nothing  the happy group paid no attention to them and kept enjoying their last moments. A large boom filled the land with much noise and the people started to scream and yell out “its over” but the few continued to enjoy their last moments.Several minutes later one of the several few who was enjoying their last minutes stood up and said. ” You call your selves worshipers of God almighty” !!!! How can you love and have faith in God for whenever its time to be with him you fight to stay away”  The few than turned into spirits and vanished along with the mist. The sun came out the land was clear and the self righteous was no more…… 

By; Tyrone Garcia author of the book ” Soap That doesn’t clean

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