The staring seagull .

There was once a seagull that flew on the hood of my car. He stood steady looking at me through the window and wouldn’t budge. I looked back at the bird and there we stood with an intense look. During our strong stare the thought came to my mind that if I would change up on my plans maybe my future would be better. I was being too hard on myself and making terrible decisions. I have found myself helping others but not myself. I see that I love to help and teach along with assisting people trying to find a way out of there miserable times. I sometimes don’t even know why I do it. I guess I’m grateful for the life I have… Me who at one time confronted death face to face many times, and was given a pass by God. I have reached goals that I could only dreamed of making and I’m not even half way done yet. I who started just to get a diploma in liberal arts am now making my goal a doctrine in Psychology. Why not I got my doctrines in street life I guess I can get the educated part down with no problem… So I must thank my little seagull friend for bringing me the message universally and I thank my humility for listening. God has his way of telling you what you need to do .It up to us to have an open mind.

By Tyrone Garcia author of the Book “ Soap That doesn’t clean” available on E-Book and any online bookstore…..

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