Be careful what you ask for.

The weekend is gone and a new week begins.

We hope that the terrible winds of the past days are gone.

We look for better times ahead and very few sins.

A man look’s up to the sky and yell’s out “GOD have you heard my prayer”.

God Looks down and says “yes I have”.

The man says “when are my good times coming”?

God says “when do you want it to come”?

The man says “now-now I’m tired of living this way”

God than says “your wish is my command”.

The man walks into the street and gets hit by a car and dies.

He goes to heaven and asks God “why did you let that car kill me.”

God said” You say you were tired of living this way”.

The man says” but I didn’t want to die”.

God says “the good times are with me here in heaven”

“Where you can’t get into debt, hurt people, or yourself”

The man says can I go back? God says “sure you get a chance to start all over again”.

God than says “next time be more careful what you ask for, because it may not be what you want”.

May your dream come alive in 2014

By Tyrone Garcia: Author of the book  “Soap That doesn’t clean” available on book sales or e-book.






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