Merry Christmas

T’ was the night before Christmas and many of us are enjoying the blessing of having a roof over our head and some kind of gift to give to our love ones. Some are wondering if they are going to have a home to lay their hat, some have so much they are still complaining over the roast in the oven, and some are wandering the streets  asking themselves what happen. It’s really an emotional time for some or maybe all because it could be our last time together cause it just didn’t work out. I myself always try to cherish every moment because in these special times of our lives is when we really learn the spirit of forgiveness and compassion for those who can’t never get it going. The good thing is the year ends in the next few days and we can stand on our own two feet and say I made it. We can grow on the past and go after our goals and maybe for some of us; we can be like the ones complaining about the roast the next holiday season. For those who don’t have anything to give a simple gesture of love to your family or friend is really all that’s needed. And If you don’t have nobody to tell you well: Merry Christmas to you and God loves you and so do I.
By :Tyrone Garcia…..Merry Christmas everyone.

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