The Rambler.

When the sun comes down the night arrives and the day is gone. I can reflect on the day and look and see where did I go wrong or where did i go right. Did I overdo myself, offend somebody or helped someone. Was my day lost to worry, argument, or being defensive when someone was trying to teach me. Was I trying to defend my worst enemy? Me…. As mush as I believe the world is always trying to destroy me, maybe I should take time and look deep inside to see where all these fears are coming from. Is it I who starts the dispute with my fear of insecurity or am I right? I guess I should look deeper inside and make sure I don't miss something that can be creating a resentment inside. For the character defects are always moving in my mind and its up to me to keep an eye on them. How easy it is to justify a bad character. Its easy there are  jerks, and bad people in the world trying to change you into a confused nutcase, There are trying hard to keep you off balance and making you contradict yourself. They turn you into a fool and rambling loud mouth who throws out hate and confusion instead of love, tolerance and understanding. From a spiritual man to a sob. One good thing behind this all is the day is over and I can look at my faults and start all over again when I wake up tomorrow if God gives me that privilege. .The only rambler in life is the one that continues rambling even when he knows he's a rambler.

May your Dream come alive in 2013 this can be the best 11 days of your life so keep the faith.

By Tyrone Garcia  You can purchase a copy of my book on the link below

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