Goodbye 2013

The last two day’s of the year is here much has changed, I have learned allot about the new technology and people in it. I went back into my childhood life and the times living in New York when I wrote my book which many of my friends haven’t purchased yet lol… I wrote it because I’m the type of person who does what he says he’s going do even if it’s a bad idea. I guess that’s my adventurous part. “But what is life if chances aren’t taken” Me.  I met many new friends and did many things that need questioning. I fell off the moral beam and just went out and tried the technology. In the end I’m more confused than when I started. I guess I’ll back away because today’s times have no morals just survival. The bad people get all the respect and the good people get laughed at and taken advantage off. What a world indeed filled with such immoral people. How can I best survive this debacle? By being who I was before I started to think I can hang with the vultures. Us people from the late 60s 70s 80s are really not the same of the people in the 90s2000s I guess I understand my dad being mad when I walked in the house with a big afro and dashiki talking revolution haha, yes times have change but I will say this: We when young had a secret weapon It was called respect and family, something that doesn’t exist anymore. The world is wild and broke and the people are losing their minds trying to find hope, how are we to fight the evil empire of life and turn it around? We don’t we live by example we teach with actions and by mouth we eat for in the last days of our lives we can only look at ourselves and nothing else matters..

May your dream come alive in the next few days or in 2014……

By:  Tyrone Garcia

Author of the book “Soap That doesn’t Clean” 

Happy New Year

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