Morons or Tormentors? My mind can beat them.

Why is it that people can be so inhuman towards others? Is it just a way to say I hate you or just pure ignorance? I say this; remember the mist that clouds your mind, those defects of character that you have and not aware off coming out like rapid fire.  Knocking down confidence and creating depression.  For every sad person you make you will suffer ten times more than them. For what you put out comes right back to you. The world is so full of morons that have nothing better to do than to use their power to hurt others. You wonder why there are so many problems in this world. Why so much poverty, declining businesses, people living in the streets, children raising themselves on the computer, what is our beloved world  going to be in the future? Or is the future we have feared already here. Kids talking back to their parents, justified drugs like anti- depression medicine. Why all of a sudden depression has become a sign of weakness that desires medication. We spend more time at Walgreens than any other place, 35 year old or younger people with 6 different medications next to them by the bed. “My o my “what has happen to the human race”? The more technology makes our daily lives easier the more medication we need for depression. How about the slaves, who were beaten and mentally tortured what medicine did they use? I do see something wrong with this picture.  When I was 30 years old I was getting panic attacks real bad ones, I was told I needed medication, but I just finished coming out of a fight with alcohol and drugs and wanted to be rid of them for good. So I took meditation lessons along with breathing exercises. I learned that my condition was all in my mind. Once I programmed myself to understand I wasn’t having a heart attack which is one of the signs of panic attack, I started telling myself what was really happening. I took regular physicals to learn of my heath, especially my heart.  Here I am 22 years later never taking one drug for it. I used my natural own medication; my mind and faith. I’m not saying to not take medication for any disease you may encounter, but I will say that we must learn to try a natural remedy some times. All of our lives have obstacles and we don’t need any extra from the morons of the world. I hope and pray that all goes good for you and that the people who like to torment the meek may they be taken by the winds of goodness and transformed into people real people.

May your dream come alive in 2013?

By; Tyrone Garcia.

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