Times slows down with the bad times.

How quick the weekend goes. A couple of football games, some excitement,and back to the dungeon as I call it. Or work: when one is enjoying himself the days become hours, the hours becomes minutes,and the minutes become seconds. How time can fly when your enjoying yourself. If only when times are rough the time can fly also. In stead it feels like a century has passed and you still trying to fight your self out of the hole. This weekend I tried to relive the past by enjoying old school music on you-tube. It was like yesterday I was 17 years old hanging out till the we hours of the morning. Breaking night we use to call it. We had no responsibilities we just made sure we didn’t go home early and miss anything, because that’s what gave your the energy too hang out so long, never wanting to miss whatever was going to happen.It was a guarantee that something was going to happen,because I grew up in a place where boredom was never an issue. But times has slowed responsibility has settled and everyday problem are imminent daily. I have to make was left of my fun last in my mind.  The memories of yesteryear.are here I am living the 60s 70s 80s 90s  on a computer. The new millennium 2000s what a joke of a life socializing more on a computer than face to face. .Picking your mate on a site like we pick food at a supermarket, over priced housing and low paying jobs. Politics living good and the middle class becoming peasants the Government working for the Government and powerful, not the people.I guess time will slow down for the fun days are over even when we feel that all is good something else comes and steals the fun we about to have..I still believe that all will get better and fun days will return for everyone. The problem is? do certain people now..   May your dream come alive in 2013 

By Tyrone Garcia.


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