Walking In the darkness isn’t so bad.

At night when everything is dark I try to walk and find my way around. I sometimes don’t see a thing, but I know where I’m going. I walk straight ahead with no fear only confidence that I will continue to go forward and find my destination. To walk without worry’s of obstacles, to feel free, to walk through the darkness of life. I have stopped worrying about the outcome of everything I do; I just go forward with the power God gave me. My faith isn’t rattled at all.  For I have too many years of success, even when there are many obstacles falling in front of me.  My wisdom which comes with age and shows me how to live without fear: Fear is nothing but lack of faith, an emotion that is triggered from a physical and mental stimulant. Our desires and inner feeling can at times control our everyday way of life if we don’t learn how to find balance within the two. I myself have noticed it within myself when tensed with the everyday problems of life. But if I continue to walk like everything is dark I will get to my destination and find success. My road ahead is dark for I not know whats coming. but my faith will help me and my mind will see the beacon that God has searching for me.

By Tyrone Garcia

Author Of the Book ‘ Soap That Doesn’t Clean”.

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