My mind is in charge.

The man says I’m not good enough. I’m not smart enough, I’m not worthy enough, I’m weak my skills are slim, my attitude is wrong, my color is of. But I can stay as long as I’m humble. Wow that’s all I need to do! Submit myself to the false hope that has followed me throughout life By the same notorious liar who has been feeding me the same line all my days!! The one who torments me into the life of fear, sadness and failure, but wait a minute here comes a light of hope that tells me the tormentor is not in charge, no one is: You are the creator of your own life and the architect of your dream. That our minds control and the negative images on the wall will destroy hope. We must stay positive even when everything else is not. For we talk of faith but fall to pieces the moment we are struck by the darkness. Are you meek or strong and will you dissolve in front of victory. For when the times gets unbearable is when victory is near. For all of life is a mirror that fools us our minds is where the truth is.

By: Tyrone Garcia.

Author of the book “Soap That Doesn’t Clean” 

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