A new Beginning.

The damage is done the winds have past and the storm has settled. I’m left with the aftermath of a dusty road ahead. Where do I begin or do I procrastinate. For the rebuilding of my new path has many miles to go. Is there sunshine or are the days ahead dark and gloomy? how many times will I fall and get back up? Will I be able to stay up permanently this time? I don’t know:  I do know that my faith in the powers of the universe will come through for me like it has in the past. Why must we put ourselves in so many bad situations? Why must we fall in order to grow? The answer is that we never fell we just graduated. In our journey of life we will find ourselves fighting obstacle after obstacle and in those lessons is where we will find the truth of our goal. I am happy tonight for I see the sun shining and the clouds lifting that harmonious grateful feeling of love and happiness will settle in my mind and body and there is the peace I am looking for.

By Tyrone Garcia author of the book

“soap that doesn’t Clean”


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