Your time will come

Hypocrisy is still alive and going strong in our work society. Why must some people do 1000 things much better than others in order to grow within the ranks? How can a person grow when surrounded by liars and cut throats, and let’s not forgot the Jesus freaks who talk so much about God than shove the knife right in your back? What is the problem a friend of mine ask me? Who was talked out of trying to grow. who are you to tell me I can’t do it he says! I say this open your own business and do it yourself. One thing I’ve learned as an ex business man is that if you work for someone and they don’t like you move on and find another. Sometimes it’s worth the struggle till you find something else than rotting away in a place that won’t let you grow. There is a story I recall that I will share here with you all tonight.

There was once a man who worked at a company who was always given ideas and strategies and no one would listen to him because they thought he didn’t know anything. They felt he was just a good talker. But he didn’t qualify to be part of the team when making decisions. One day while having lunch in a restaurant he talked to man and the talk of business came up. The man enjoyed listing to the man talk and saw he had a real salesman in front of him. He hired the man and gave him a job at his company and that man would become a great salesman. He dominated in sales and was regarded as a one of the best salesman in the company. He later opened his own business.In life never let morons stop you from growing because eventually the right ears will hear you and give you the opportunity to make your mark because what is for you is for you and nobody can take it away.

By Tyrone Garcia



3 thoughts on “Your time will come

    • Nobody can control you only your fear can if you let it..a man who lives on the fear of his coworkers powers is really a dead man living a submit to hypocrites is surely a terrible way of life..

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