December is here the end of the year.  Have you stood faithful to the goals you set back in January? I know we try to do so much.  With so many obstacles in front of us we can only do very little. To me the goal I worked the hardest is to make sure I’m healthy and living under a roof. The rest is material that I can’t take with me when the good lord comes to get me. We spend most of our lives chasing dreams that we really don’t want its just things other people have and we just want to compete. But it’s ok to have a fantasy that we dream of having. Maybe a big house, allot of money, or a happy family. Life has so much to offer it’s a race to happiness and sometimes sorrow. We run to the finish line and go to the happy hunting grounds where we will sleep till eternity without the daily obstacles of life. Life is full of so many surprises.  That’s why when we see ourselves looking down into the abyss we should continue to fight harder. The road to success is on its way none of us are failures only the emotion of given up is the failure. Our brain has two sides two sides that gives off many emotions two are   negative one positive both when balanced gives us the power to make the right decision. Does not a car battery need positive energy and negative energy to start a car? So the goal in any life should always start with balance! Balance is part of our daily life choices. It’s how we make the right decisions. So when the feeling of negativism overwhelms your positive vibes it may be time to step back and think before you act. You may be given up on a gift from up above.

By Tyrone Garcia

May you’re our dream come alive in 2013 Purchase a copy of my book below.

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