Enjoy the Holidays.

The holidays are here and it’s time to party and have some fun.  I don’t want to hear about money you don’t have, some of our ancestors were dead broke and found ways to bring happiness to the family during the holidays. It seems that we are so enslaved to the social order of materialism, money, bills, and work that we forget to feed ourselves with joy so we can continue to do the things we have to do to survive.  Crime, corruption, and drugs have totally destroyed our way of life. People who use to walk the streets with freedom walk in fear of their lives. What has happen to our beloved world?  “Who Knows” all I know is that I’m going to have the family over tomorrow for dinner and we will have a good time. Then Friday comes and we should continue with the festival all the way till January bringing in 2014 with a bang of happiness and trust that it will be a great year. All we have is today to live heaven knows what tomorrow will bring so let’s party and enjoy life the way we should.

Life lived on the edge can be rough or an adventure of learning along with lots of thrills. What’s important is that we always try to enjoy the ride because it does have an ending.

By Tyrone Garcia.



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