Miracles are coming but we need to do one thing….

The universe is quiet, beautiful, full of light, and magical.

It will bring you everything you want: even that unrealistic wish you ask for.. 

The only thing you have to do is believe, and be grateful for what you have now.

Never fret over what you don’t have but give thanks for that simple cup of coffee you received.

 For if you cant be grateful for the smallest..

You wont be grateful for the biggest gift of all.

The love of the best and highest of the universe.  God’s love. 

 Only through that love and gratitude is where you can create within your soul happiness and receive an abundance of gifts.

So go outside and pray with the stars for their you will find the true God of light.

Miracles come in small bunches that become love, gratitude, and happiness.

By Tyrone Garcia.



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