Wake up and smell the Poverty

The World is full of liars, takers, and shakers: their growth is putting an end to compassion to others giving us an unstable look on who to trust. Why must people cheat, lie, betray, envy, hate, and live so out of touch with themselves. The inner self and higher consciousness if worked correctly can give you the happiness and prosperity we all have been looking for. Our insubordinate selves toward morals of goodness are always put to the side for the evil material of money. The symbolic traitor of man for the last 2000000 years has done nothing but thrown man into the abyss of confusion and embarrassment. We started wars and destroyed communities of people over it. Human slavery was worse than human sacrifice as practiced by the Aztecs, neither is good in my book, but colonialism of Indians and people have just turned us into a society of foolish suckers who chase the dollar the way a junkie chases a fix, given us a battleground of terrible morals and bad vibes. This method has enslaved us into the bondage of self.  Must I say capitalism is the biggest slave driver ever invented by man? You work and work and spend more time thinking of where you going to get your next dollar instead of enjoying your family.  Then here come the scammers trying to lure you into there phony program on how to better your self. I know I must sound pretty upset, but I’m not it’s just something that came to my mind and I want to share it with you. The faster we forget about money and look at ourselves as value we will start to see more of it show up.But then he comes more bills. When I was in business I spend more time trying not to lose money instead of just enjoying it. Me myself I would prefer to trade of material and not owe a dime. The 1800s was a time where the 13th amendment was ratified and approved abolishing slavery from the United States. Unfortunately millions died just to make a moral signature given a man his freedom. Its funny how Americans were people evading the monarchy of England to have a better life. In America they had a revolution over it and won, but they oppressed people themselves so is our country based on a false hope, though we had freedom but did we just shut up the critics and started another form of enslaving people. Capitalism is great when everybody is filling their pockets, but it only seems like its working. Ask the man who comes up short every payday and continues to fall into the whirlpool of debt. I don’t have an answer but I can say this!!  Eventually the people will get tiered just like the colonist did when England was taxing them into poverty. I just hope things can be get better for all people not just a few. For I’m fine but I see many on the streets with a beggars cup and their not junkies looking for a quick fix. Wake up America and smell the poverty within your streets for only our wisdom of past debacles can save us from a depression that may end it all.

May your dream come alive in 2013?

By Tyrone Garcia Author of the book “Soap that doesn’t Clean” available on iunerverse.com or any online book sales Amazon. Kindle e-books. Barnes and Nobles. 

2 thoughts on “Wake up and smell the Poverty

    • I’m aware and not easily fooled by politics but I believe at the End God will save those who know and those who don’t will perish with the rest. The problem here is that the rich will perish also …

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