A Marked man

The agony of being a marked man is certainly a bad feeling especially when you haven’t done anything wrong, just that you revealed secrets of someone that is in fear of you. The one who should worry is the one who’s done wrong.” For he who uses his powers falsely to hurt others will burn in agony all his/ her life”. I will share this story.

 There was once a happy family that was living a good life, they where loving and very helpful to anyone who would needed their assistance. One day someone did harm to that family for there own personal reasons. The man of the house lost his job and his son was put into jail for a crime he did not commit. The bad people used the justice system to hurt the happy family and they did in a big way. The family on the other hand got together to help get the son out of jail and got him a lawyer. The one time happy family started to worry of the future that was ahead they prayed every night for good results and also prayed for the ones committing the harm, never fretting about what happened just praying to God for good results. The son was acquitted from all crimes and the family would start their large climb back to success never worrying about the outcome of the bad people who put hem through the rough times that would last years. Several years latter the father met a lawyer who had become his friend through several trips to a restaurant. One day the dad decided to share the experience with the lawyer. The lawyer said. Oh I know that prosecutor she was fired for doing bad cases like that. Several days after that: the dad heard through another source of the people who accused the son of the false crime. They were all doing bad and eventually lost many things and struggling terribly. The family never had to do anything harsh to get revenge they just prayed for their enemy. The son turned out to be a great man and responsible father which only can make any dad proud of him. The universe will give you exactly what you put out into the world which means everything bad you do comes back to you, everything good you do comes back to you. We are like a magnet we attract everything we do.

May your dream come alive in 2013

By: Tyrone Garcia : author of the book “Soap that doesn’t clean.” Available @   iunerverse.com or any online book store and e-book.

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