The Shadows of Life

As I walk though the shadows of my enemy I have no fear for I am full of faith and wisdom. I have the greatest power in the universe on my side my enemy has false hope on its side. I face my enemy everyday and it gives me grief, it puts me down, it says I’m no good, its says not to waste my time trying to grow, it tells me everything it can to put me down. To make me feel hopeless, discomfort, despair, envy, total oblivion towards all my goals I have planned. I fight the feeling everyday only to see the same bad results. What I’m I to do give in to my enemy? While sitting around and questioning my own wisdom a strong light comes to my rescue!!! The light tells me to stay within the light of happiness and to trust in my wisdom, to keep fighting even when the light goes away. For it’s my faith that will protect me from my enemy!!! It’s me fighting me… I am the enemy: The enemy lives in my negative side. But my positive side will bring balance and together they will create who I am. But I do have a choice which side I pick when I walk through the shadows of life.

By Tyrone Garcia:  Author of the Book  “Soap That doesn’t Clean”

Available on any online book sales e-book Barnes and noble, and amazon.


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