I’ll take the sermon and leave the rest.

Why do people try to push their religious beliefs on you?  Why can’t they respect you and your privacy? I guess they feel they are doing it in your best interest. But is not spirituality the practice of higher consciousness? Shouldn’t all people teach through their actions instead of judging you harshly because you don’t follow their worshipping ways? I believe so. I’m in the supermarket today and I’m told by a young man who decides to start conversation with me about how I need Jesus. I listen because I’m opened minded and at the same time asking myself why is he telling me all this? He did give me some great advice that had me thinking and maybe that’s all I need to take from him, but he rambles on with his sign language (using his hands) about how a man should fight to have the Holy Spirit. In regards to certain things going on in my life, I feel he had something strong to tell me. It was moving me but after several moments the adrenalin stopped and I was hoping he shut up and let me go. But when it comes to God I will listen to the whole sermon no matter what, because REAL spiritual people are always practicing humility that’s our code. We never judge or put down we respect everyone’s way of life: even if they worship a glass of milk. For if we judge others spiritual lives aren’t we going against the words of Jesus himself. Doesn’t one of the commandments stats “thou shall not judge”? Most likely someone will justify it like always, however I am a great believer that to each their own! Thy will not mine be done. (AA) Big book, When I got home I sat in my chair and started to think of what he said. I will make some changes in my life thanks to his sermon by the vegetable section it will be hard but I will change something’s I been doing wrong in my life. I think I have fallen off a little and justified some terrible selfish morals. So I want to thank God for sending me the message however I will not visit his church because he was in my life just to do what he did pass me a message from God, and that’s is what spirituality really is.

May your dream come alive in 2013

By Tyrone Garcia author of the book “Soap That doesn’t Clean”

Available on all online book sales E-Book, Amazon, Kindle, Barnes and Noble, and iuniverse.com

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