You want to hit the lottery?

How much fun life could be if I CAN ONLY HIT THE LOTTERY?  The other day I was looking at this program called the lottery changed my life. I don’t know if it’s phony or what, but one person did say something that makes sense. They asked her: did the money change you? She say nothing changed with me life just got easier. Great answer you figure when your bank account is filled to the max you can pretty much concentrate on other things than bills. The wish all of us have to be able to pay our bills and have some extra money to spend at our convenience. Our lives are challenged everyday with new gadgets and toys that push us to the stores to shop. We borrow and spend until we go bankrupt and than start again. It’s like a merry-go-round of delusional pleasure. We really never become satisfied just obsessed with a dream that will never come because we are going about it the wrong way. 22 years ago when I decided to get my life together and stop acting like a child.  I started to be grateful for the change of mind I had. I never thought of money or dreams of being rich, I had my fantasy of course of having lots of money, but not so twisted like some people are. I just thanked God for what I had. Within 3 years I had bought my first house 10 years later I got my first big check for 89,000 in the sale of my investment. I started my business and started to live high on the hog as country folk talk. I bought a bigger house and started living amongst the way upper middle class. I would take trips to Puerto Rico, Florida, New York staying at Hilton’s hotels and eating at the best restaurants. All this came from the thought of being grateful for the little things I had. In 2006 I started worrying about the business and the money for some dumb reason, forgetting how easy it came to me: I start to find ways not to go broke. Unfortunately:  little by little I start losing everything. By 2009 I was forced to sell my business and move into an apartment. I maintained and started to write in my journal and then noticed how in the beginning all I did was show gratitude for what I had, never worrying about the money only allowing the universe to fill me with the royalties of life. Well a half a million later I’m back to work but I’m also back on track.  I have found writing as my new life and I write about all the terrible mistakes I have made so others will think before they act. So my advice tonight is this: If you want to hit the lottery learn to be grateful for your life, family, and friends, and forget about the money for the universe will fill you with all you want but you must love what you have now.

May your Dream come alive in 2013

By Tyrone Garcia author of the Book   “ Soap That doesn’t clean” available @ or  or kindle online book stores. 

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