Win Or lose stay focus.

The agony of losing or not getting that promotion is certainly a terrible feeling. Sports or promotion whichever one it is – it sucks. You always feel that you deserve to win even when others feel you’re not ready or not good enough, you pace up and down in your home wondering when your day of triumph will come. You stand in front of the mirror or while driving in your car rehearsing what you going to say but the day doesn’t come .You become depressed and you start to make visits to the psychologist. Here come the long talks about the past and how you have been cheated through life. Hating everybody who had anything to do with you not getting what you wanted. The gossip starts and you make a fool out of yourself because you are resentful and angry. When you start to realize you have become miserable over something you may get next time or sooner. Sometimes passion has to be supervised by our sane self, so we don’t ruin our chances, for the next time we can win and get what we are trying to get. I struggled with this before and all it did was hurt my chances of getting what I wanted. I have learned that it’s better to stay focus and keep going forward, staying positive, and no judging anyone. I believe that everything we want: when we place them in our thoughts will come to us eventually. Today I don’t waste an once of worry over anything because when I try to control everything I tend to screw it up, but when I do things in harmony and with my higher power everything starts to work better. I think, I meditate, and I produce great results. Trying to talk your way into success will never happen, but using the correct actions and harmony to be successful with others is when you are really in sync with the right karma. I will continue to work hard toward my goals with complete harmony and respect for others.

May your dream come alive in 2013

By Tyrone Garcia author of the book  “ Soap That doesn’t clean” Available @ barnes and nobles online books and and e-book 

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