Have you chased away a good friend —

The fear of bad times returning keeps us neutral in life. We meet people and wait for the negative instead of maybe believing you have found a good friend. Why must we always feel like theirs a bomb coming with the good people we come into? Our lives has been shattered by so many upsetting situations that we tend to believe that all the good people are gone. But someone always pops up and has to deal with the last bad episode that you dealt with and ruin probably a good thing getting ready to start, or take advantage of him/her because you were taken advantage off before. So on goes this crazy world of ours we sit waiting for that day when finally that friend shows up and we scare them away. Then God has to sit and listen to you moan and groan about how you have struggled to be happy: A little exaggeration on my part, but am I? How many have you chased away because of your last experience? It’s like credit scores you could have been golden but had a little rough time so the bank will only look at your current problem not what led you to that problem and how good of a payer you were before. Call me crazy but if I feel good around you I’m going to give you a chance. I believe that everyone deserves to be given the chance to show themselves. Life is all about learning: some of us learn fast some of us learn slowly.  What’s important is that we learn and grow towards the light that we are really trying to find within ourselves. We all talk about Jesus and how we love him and follow him. Jesus walked strait and never deviated from his path even when he knew people where using him and setting him up to die. The reason he didn’t care was because his real goal was about practicing what he preaches and not being a hypocrite. How many did he change and helped? Allot!  Though he died young he was never forgotten because of the several good people he believed in even when they told him not to trust them. In life we win some and lose some but every new face has the right to prove themselves: for it could be the new face you needed to save you from your own sorrow.

May your dream come alive in 2013?

By: Tyrone Garcia Author of the book “Soap that doesn’t clean” available on iuniverse.com or amazon.com.


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