The man who didn’t change materialistic.

The bible says don’t judge or be judged, Unfortunately we don’t follow what we read. We judge all the time our Friends, employees, politics, bushiness, family, and hopefully ourselves. Judging isn’t really that bad , its how we interpret the things we judge is where we make our mistakes in life. For instance here the story of a guy called Joe. Joe use to group of men and women who got together ounce a week to share their differences, People where growing and getting better but Joe decided to stay the same way materially. Joe was a good mechanic but he also had a criminal record which was always in his way of getting a good Job something the Judicial system has to change but that is another topic. He would never own a car or get a house and would never become materialistic successful like some others.He struggled all the time. inside he had a heart of gold and would do anything to help you, he just on the outside didn’t look good. He had his problems with anger but overall he was a good guy. I myself would always question his motives and wondered how can he go so many years living in the same way with no change. Well Joe died and left us all thinking on why it had to happen to him. He who always struggled so much, its a mystery and will never know!! but I will say this! Joe wasn’t afraid to be Joe. Not everybody is going to be successful with money, cars, and houses, some will just inherit the earth and walk through it with foot and mind. What we feared Joe confronted it with faith. and didn’t care, how much I have learned from Joe. May he rest in peace and for all the those who saw him may they learn from him.
May your dream come alive in 2013
By Tyrone Garcia Author of the book “Soap that doesn’t clean’

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