The lake of my friend.

A couple of weeks ago I lost a deer friend who drowned in a lake, was he depressed or high I don’t know, what matters to me today is I failed to be his friend. On the last night I saw him he was celebrating his 23 birthday of sobriety.  Some of us saw him acting pretty weird but started a conversation with an out of- towner who was arrogant and acting ridiculous. While listing to the jerk from out of town our friend left and we didn’t have the chance to talk to him. We who have so much experience in depression and problems failed to talk to the birthday boy who was acting pretty weird. My friend for some reason could never get it together financially he struggled constantly and stood angry while others where growing spiritually and financially right before his eyes. I today feel that my selfish self could of invited the man to my house for dinner or maybe even give him help finding whatever It was he was looking for. Sometimes when we recover from the malady of alcohol or drug addiction and get our lives together we feel like we are done helping others, we are fixed, we are good, let me just enjoy my life. We judge people without even trying to find out what s wrong. The poor man was dead for two weeks lying in a lake being eaten away by nature. When he was found only through his finger prints they can identify who he was.  Tomorrow is his funeral and I will attend and while there I will say sorry to his spirit for being so blind blinded by my own selfishness. We complain and pray to God for money help and compassion but we forget to deliver to those who ask us for we are all running in darkness trying to find a life that doesn’t exist. The abyss is where we wind up when our race for life is material. I won’t blame myself a whole lot because he also had choices. However some people need help when making choices and that’s when our help could be used.. I guess the death lake which know has caused the lives of several will belong to my friend for I know his spirit will save the next victim. May my friend rest and peace and may we all remember while we may have problems we have friends that have worse problems…

Good night By Tyrone Garcia Author of the book “ Soap That doesn’ clean.

One thought on “The lake of my friend.

  1. it’s been said that some will die so others can live. Everything is a lesson or a gift – and some are both. Dear Tyrone – you were blessed with having him in your life…..and you are blessed with the lesson. We don’t always have “the answer” even when we have “the solution”. I’ll pray for you and for him.

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