Only fools take advantage of good people

Why take advantage of the ones who respect you?

Why do people take advantage of the good people they know? They take advantage because thy never had the respect before so they don’t know how to accept it. They think you are a fool and that they control you so they do you wrong all the time. People are always fighting for freedom but when they get they become like their oppressor. The first black poet to have her writings published in America was Phillis Wheatley:  She wrote that the white colonist where fighting the British for their independence from the British oppression but was oppressing Africans into slavery.  How many Africans and Indians help both sides fight for someone’s independence only to get smacked in the face at the end in still be a second class citizen’s .Today is no different you help a company or show respect and you are the one who is mistreated. Not everywhere but there is many idiots in power today that practice this idiotic way of life.  Maybe the world is closed minded and it fails to see the light that shines. I do believe that everyone has a choice on how to carry themselves but I will say this when your work with people is done dust of your shoes and walk off to the next project the universe has ready for you.  The sign that your on the right spiritual walk is when people are trying to harm you and you  never did anything to hurt them. That is the evil that is trying to stop you from doing Gods work.

May your dream come alive in 2013

By : Tyrone Garcia Author of the book  “ Soap that doesn’t clean” available on



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