A hard head can be costly

The past week had much emotion for many people I know. How will they overcome their short comings? I have no idea but I can say this worrying never solved anything, I believe when we are struggling is when we must bare down and concentrate on a plan to overcome it. Procrastination is the enemy to every battle we encounter. For procrastination means fear of failure. We wait around waiting for solutions but what we really are feeling is lack of faith in ourselves. Life would be boring if there was no challenges the easy way out just does one thing for you; it stops the problem temporally.  It’s like a person with terminal cancer the root of the illness is still alive and kicking but the chemo just gave you relief for a short time. My last business is a great example. When we were struggling we would overcome and get the bills up to date, but was never able to have working capital to make changes and do better things to upgrade the business. It was a rollercoaster ride over and over. There were times when I wanted to open 5 more stores and there were days I didn’t even want one. For ten years I was up and down moving money to one department to another trying to develop room to save but I never was able to. I did a great job managing it and keeping the doors open, but could never get that loan. I would only get enough to top off and that was it. The cancer my business had was my stubbornness: many people wanted to partner up with me but I wanted to be the only one in charge. I eventually sold it and It is still operates today why? Today there are partners sharing the weight. All the ideas I had they were able to accomplish. Every problem has a solution and we must be able to learn and grow not be hard head and selfish. Like they say two heads are better than one.

May your Dream come alive in 2013

Tyrone Garcia Author of the book “Soap That doesn’t Clean”








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