Kids please save us.

Back to school for many Kids today! For some it’s their first ever day of school. How will it go? Will they have a real life of freedom and success or will they see the same phony society will live today, where the talents of a person are overlooked and only the negative is seen. It’s like the world today is so busy looking to destroy somebody instead of helping them grow. I remember the first day of school for me was 1967 I was treated like a dog from my teachers because of my color. Instead of them building me up the sent me into a world of hate and discontent. The world is much different today and people get along better. But do we still have a few rotten apples in the house?  Today if a kid is a little energetic they quickly want to put them on meds to control them, because they don’t want to teach there only mission is to brainwash them into a life of false hope. In my history class I’m learning about the beginning of the United States. How at the time germ warfare was being used to kill the Indians it was called small pox. Though at the time they didn’t know they where building weapons using a chemical like germs. It was the beginning of what I may call the Indian holocaust. History today isn’t as bias as it was when I was growing up. They still try to hide a few things and justify the destruction of a once great land of people who worked and enjoyed all the resources God gave us to survive and enjoy. The Europeans where calling the Indians savages, but it was the Europeans who brought misery to the country  Tobacco, Gold, vegetables, and a great land full of good soil to plant foods and live free open the eyes of the incoming savages. The Europeans had great ideas and there coming for me wasn’t bad but the greed to enslave people so they can live like kings is the concept I have a problem with. America is a land so rich and beautiful. Every American can live happy and enjoy the horizons of awesome mountains and great landscape, but we have destroyed it with the greed for money. People living in the streets and jobs paying enough money for people to have to share apartments is what we are today. When I was a child my dad was considered poor however I still went to a private school because we had a strong and reasonable America. My mother didn’t work and we were a family of seven. I ate well every day. Today the poor is poor.  You can make 40,000 a year and still be broke.  The beacon score:  a gimmick to make it harder on people to buy a home, instead of just reading credit and seeing where they went wrong and giving them another chance. In the 1600s Some Europeans was given free land so they can fill the land and take over the country. We have miles of land that can be used to build homes for those less fortunate and put them to work and make them happy Americans. FDR said it himself along with Will Rodgers every American should have a great life, house, Job vacation, education, and medical care. Today we have under paid jobs over charged rent, late fees, and no infrastructure for all the American population. Meanwhile he we are getting ready to go to Syria and spend how many billions. Where does it end? So kiddie’s good luck starting on your new journey. I hope and pray that you can save us from a greedy society which thinks is doing the right thing and little by little destroying a great nation of people.

May your Dream come alive in 2013

By Tyrone Garcia Author of the book  “Soap That doesn’t Clean”

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