Leave the past in the past and create your dream future.

The past can always be the future if we are not careful. Depending on you past but this post is for those who want to get rid off the past and have some relief. I at one time went through so much hell trying to make ends meet. When I did my thoughts were “Will I have relief or will the past continue never believing that the good times will come. When i started listening to the secret by Rhonda Byrne: a movie about positive thinking and keeping your thoughts inline with the universe.  I started to see results. Life has gotten better but my mind at times can wonder off into the past and create a unhappy future. Its not easy because many of us have been through to so many problems its planted in our minds. Religion also has us thinking that maybe God is trying us out to see if we are strong. I don’t believe God is trying to hurt nobody its just a good excuse to stay hurting. I have tried so much to focus on the things I want without no exception. If you read the Bible allot of the people were kings and they were rich, and when in bondage god sent someone to take them out Like mosses who led a war to get the Jews out of Egypt were they were slaves. Today Jews are one of the richest races on the Planet along with Muslims. I at time believe that people except there short comings so much they feel  its OK because Its God trying to feel them out. Hog wash!!  That is man controlling man. For we can control our own destiny if we find the power God gave us within our minds and hearts for our thoughts come from our heart and if in line with God you can possess everything you want. When I was a child I would draw a picture of a family, a big ship, a house, and a car.In my adult life I would in receive those gifts. I worked on a ship for 9 years and traveled Europe. South America, Middle east, and North Africa. All came to me because I was attracted to those things. Growing up in the hood gave me many distractions because of the problems that circled the hood. like drugs, gangs, poverty, and lack of success within the community. So it became easy to always look at life gloomy instead of positive. Though at the time I didn’t understand the secret, I was working one day and I saw a picture of Europe and told someone that I will go there one day. A few weeks later I was going through some rough times with drugs and alcohol abuse. My 3 year old daughter walks in my room with a newspaper and was about to put it in her mouth. I cried out  “JEANETTE DON’T PUT THAT IN YOUR MOUTH” I took the newspaper and decided to look down on it. I notice a job offering for Merchant Marines, a job that requested I work on a ship and travel. Three weeks later I was on a magical trip to Spain where I joined the ship and started a journey on traveling to those places I just wrote about. So the power of thought and words are powerful when we act on them from the heart not the the worry. 

May your dream come alive in 2013

By Tyrone Garcia author of the book  ‘ Soap That doesnt clean”


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