A new semester.

A new semester starts and I’m closer to my goal of getting a college degree. I’m very excited about all my classes for I see another challenge ahead. Every goal is a challenge but challenges are what make’s  us strong and smart. All of life is a challenge no matter what it is, may it be school, marriage, work, or just trying to get better at something? I find all of life’s challenges are a  dilemma with a solution. The fact of the matter is do we use our minds to find solutions or do our low tolerance for struggle makes us give up. For many years I wanted to take a psychology class and this semester I’m taking one. Its entry level but I’m already thinking of continuing the study. You figure 22 years of sobriety, marriage, and raising 3 kids should have earned me a diploma but it’s deeper than that. With the little I’ve read today I have noticed many things that opened my eyes to the behaviors of the mind. My history class talks about the beginning of America which takes me back to the Spanish taken over the western hemisphere, the building of a great country over false advertisement of Christianity, and the enslavement and death of many indigenous people. I don’t need to study this subject for I know what happen already. But it will be interesting to learn something’s that I didn’t know. My Spanish class which will be my last  will also be a challenge for know I’m writing stories and putting sentence structure together. No more “ Yo bro que pasa” I wish I would of done this when I was young I would have had my doctrines and earning 100,000 a year or more for education is power. The power to not be inferior, maybe I’m here to let the other 50 year old guys and gals that it’s never too late to get an education. When I sit in the classroom with those kids who are just there for the grade I say there I go 30 years ago thinking that I can just get by with a little, trying to manipulate life to fit my lazy self. How quickly one learns when the ignorance sets into your thoughts and your only victory is failure. The insane thought that maybe you will slip into society. That  your unknowledgeable self  will get you through life without a challenge, a challenge that will beat you because you failed to follow directions. That’s my story in a nut shell. However I have learned from my mistakes and with that I’m back on track to win a long fought battle of life. A life that had me in the abyss; a bottomless whole of continuing unbeatable challenges; that today I can beat.

May your dream come alive in 2013

By Tyrone Garcia Author of the book  “Soap that doesn’t clean”


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