One door closes another opens.

The fear of losing your job; how much security do we have? Nothing!!  The only thing we can count on is in ourselves and the talents we have. I see people everyday lose their jobs and you hear their biggest worry money. How will they pay their bills, eat, and keep a roof over the heads of their family. Hearing about someone losing their job isn’t easy, it’s even worse when its people you know. You start to hear their despair and the only thing on your mind is how I can help them. The situation worsens and you see another family struggling while other spend and enjoy their lives. Opening your own business is always a great idea if you have the partners and money to do it. I have been through this several times I quit my job for another .I also was left without a job to. I never worried and believed that God didn’t bring me this far to let me fall. So I always stood confident. When I sold my business in 2009 I didn’t get the money I really wanted to. I was worried. One day I bumped into the General Manager of my old job colonial Chevrolet. It was funny because we were both living in the same building in Virginia Beach I was their almost 7 months and never saw him. But that day I saw him by the elevator. We started talking and I told him what was happening and he hired me back on the elevator ride.  Once I got to my floor I had a Job. So I was able to sell my business and have a Job already for me. God has a way of granting our wishes our problems is we never give him the time to do it. The best thing I did was when I left that sales Job I left in a good professional way, on top of being a great salesman and good employee. Life is an education and everything that happens is part of our training towards being the strong person we are all trying to be. Having confidence in yourself and the powers of the universe or God it’s very important for we create our own destiny thorough the power of our thoughts and faith. I have seen myself in so many tight spots in life that I didn’t know what to do, but when I let go and let God through the power of thought great things start to happen. We should never enslave or worry ourselves about anything for the miracles of life come from God or the universe.

May your dream come alive in 2013

By Tyrone Garcia author of the book  “Soap That doesn’t clean”


2 thoughts on “One door closes another opens.

    • You are so right I should of edit the post. I wrote it late last night and overlook some things. But I am an author because I wrote a book. An author isn’t a great grammar person an author is a person who has great stories to tell and write.almost every author gets there books edited and pays a lot of money for that service. You see kim I’m the guy who comes from the shit-whole of america,at one time I was on street corners in the Bronx doing bad things. Today I’m trying to be somebody important by sharing my experiences so others don’t do the same. I have been living the good life for 22 years and have two kids in college along with myself. Just because I don’t write great doesn’t mean I should be a loser and not try.

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