Perseverance Is my name.

The weekend was great found time to myself and evaluated myself and had some fun also. We sometimes feel that we are doing what’s right but we are really wrong. We go at 100 miles an hour and wind up making many mistakes and a fool of ourselves; at the same time. What is life when you are the only one thinking and nobody else is? a zero is what it is. But life continues and you must follow the journey because there is an ending to every story, than a new one starts. Everything is part of our life education and we must learn about it. More importantly we must learn more about ourselves. We need to learn that we are like a business if we don’t get rid of the bad stock within we will eventually go spiritually bankrupt. (Bill Wilson Book of AA) I have been fighting for a spot that I will probably never get unless I just take it myself by inventing it. The learning experience has been great.  The last 2 years have taught me many things; I have experienced friends, Bosses, emotions, and any little thing you can think off. What I have not experienced is my reward for being me, just kicked to the side and when needed used. Have I used them? Of course I have!  I have learned more than what I knew before. So you are really never a fool you are being educated and If you look at life in that way you will grow faster and better than all those who felt you were asleep. I have goals and ideas and a dear friend that is counting on me to make it happen. I say this allow me to be me and stop given me the false talk. For I will grow so tall that that the eyes of the close minded will be wide open when I have accomplished what I have promised, and for those who don’t know me read my book for there lies the truth of Tyrone Garcia, A man on a mission that never gives up till he gets what he wants..

May your Dream come alive in 2013 :0)

By Tyrone Garcia Author of the book  “Soap That doesn’t clean’

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