The Hot Chic.

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I feel sorry for these super beautiful women.  They are sitting on top of the world because of all the attention they get. The only problem is most of them will never find true love. It’s easy to want a hot looking chic but very hard to keep because everybody wants her. I see average girls getting jealous over the super girls and they don’t know that there chance of finding true love is better than that great looking girl that everybody wants’ to screw!!!! Give me an average looking lady and keep your super model. Even on facebook, twitter, you see many people following them and they are following very little. They start to feel better than everyone else but inside many are lonely. They would do anything to just have a simple day and be around some real people.

There was once this beautiful woman who worked in a office with lots of people. She would get lots of attention and she loved it to. Every week she had a date with different man and every week she would get the same results, they wanted sex. There were others but the others were regular guys but nice.  She always went after the big guys with the money and never gave the others an opportunity. The years would go by and she started to get depressed for her Romeo would never show up. She dated and dated and always the man trying to have sex and most of the time she would give in and have sex on her dates. She was degrading herself; for men can also attract attention and she was being used heavily. Still she would not give the others a chance.  One day while in the elevator she was crying and the janitor was riding down with her. He asked her if she needed someone to talk to and she said yes. They spoke at a local coffee shop and she told him everything she was going through and he listened. He paid for the coffee and offered to meet her again the next day for lunch so she can vent some more. She happily accepted and they meet again. The meetings at the coffee shop lasted several weeks the girl was noticing that the man was treating her with respect and she for once felt good about herself. The relationship continued for a year. They then got married and lived happily ever after. The moral of the story is the only thing your partner needs is respect for you and nothing else, the rest will follow.

May your dream come alive in 2013

By Tyrone Garcia Author of the book   “Soap That doesn’t clean”

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