Changes leads to happiness.

There’s nothing more exciting than starting over again and seeing what you can do different. A new staff, place, and opportunity to shine, I have been on the starting over bid now for over 32 years. I remember when I started in 1980 I joined the National Guard… In 1982 I was working for the city of New York at Hostoss College. I was 21 years old though I did have other Jobs before. I left the New York in 1988 for a better job and to escape the hood. The job took me all over the world and I met all types of different people and many beautiful women also. I than on a bad day had to leave that job for my family needed me to be home full time. I than sold cars and opened a business. I sold the business and went to college and now working for a nonprofit organization. So many starts and so much experience but still being overlooked I even wrote a book.  What haven’t I’ve done?  I have done it all but there is always that ultimate goal and that is happiness. I have done so many things but work towards the most important goal in life peace and happiness within. To share that with your peers is like sharing millions. But why do we always follow the money?  The world has us locked up in a world of debt. We owe so much money even when you think you paid off your debt you still owe something. Sometimes I feel like dropping everything and heading for the mountains and their still the mailman will show up with an outstanding bill. What can we do about it? Absolutely nothing: Because even when you start to save and become more conservative something happens and forces you to spend money. That’s why the only thing to do is live and be happy even when you’re sad for being sad won’t pay anything or change your fate, but at least for everyday you smile you can say it’s not all that bad. But you never know you may drop a dollar and win the lottery and become a millionaire over night. But if not careful you can blow that and be lost again in the whirlpool of debt or you can spend it wisely and help others. Either way happiness only cost a smile.

By Tyrone Garcia Author of the book  “Soap That doesn’t clean”

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