Second Best !!!

How many times you have done your best to get that promotion, that, special someone, that great home or whatever your heart desired. How many times you have to hear the same crap. You are great “BUT” I prefer this guy, or this girl. It gets to the point where  you feel you are just not good enough. You feel like only on another planet you can finally get that no 1 job or special person. We can control something’s but we are still at the mercy of the world. The problem is people love a challenge and those goody two shoe guys, or woman, can become boring in a world where men and women exchange each other like we change our socks. The same in the work force the person who works hard and isn’t interested in anything else only the job always gets passed over. I seen great people get passed over for lesser all the time. So what can that great person do to finally get what he/ she wants? Nothing!! Just continue to be the great person you are for our only goal in life is to live the way our creator wants to live. Honest, humble, and loving no matter how hard life is and how many times you get passed up, you will find your paradise. I will tell you a little story, back in 1991 I was dating a women who use to love drinking and partying with me. I decided to stop because the alcohol was affecting my life. So I invited her to  New York to  meet my family and daughter. I told her things were tough right now but they will get better.  Would you like to have a better life than the one you have now? I offered to marry her and buy a home and give her a great life. She told me no! She didn’t believe in me. So like the man I am once turned away I don’t look back. A little while later I met teresita.. 6 years later I was selling cars at a local dealer and the she  walks on the lot to buy a car. She sees me and goes crazy and ask where I have I been?  I say “ I have been married for 6 years I own a house and we go on numerous vacations just like I told you I would do with you.  She asks if we can go out with her at night for dinner?  I said no I’m a 1 women man and I don’t share myself with anyone. She got mad and walked away. She was single and still wasn’t able to find someone to love her. I guess the time comes when us 2nd best people get a little justice in life.

May your dram come alive in 2013

By Tyrone Garcia Author of the book  “soap that doesn’t clean”

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