Whats really important?

Its been pretty rough lately!! living one day at a time and trying to find answers to my future.I sit in the park about four times a week and I think about everything going on in my life. I wonder if I’m making mistakes or chasing the wrong dream. Today I’m a different man than I was many years ago and I see that the world likes pain not happiness.I get so confused with the attitude  of the people today that I wonder if I should just go find a rock and get underneath it.Of course I wont, I feel great !! fortunately  I have a good friend in my life today that I can share my concerns with. I have others but this one is consistent. I believe we all need an outside the family friend so we can discuss our problems with, you can always get an honest answer. Family is always to quick to judge you, because of the differences of the past.  it can be hard to grow on the advice they give. We all try to live life to the fullest and enjoy it in every  way we can. But why must we sacrifice our happiness all the time? while others live so simple others live so complicated. High rents,or high mortgages, Overpaying for cable TV when theirs never nothing  to watch. Unless its football season of course, What I’m trying to say here is why cant we make life more easy.I think the  middle class spends more like the rich and the rich spend like the middle class and the poor is just in shambles because not even 12 dollars an hour pays for anything today. As a society where are we going? mental and physical bankruptcy I guess.We just make more money and give it away in unnecessary spending just Like our Government does. Than when shit hits he fan we are asking God for financial relief.Where does it end? It ends when we decide to live cheaper and smarter and stop buying on impulse from the marketing that enslaves us on TV. My dad never had a great paying Job but was never broke neither and until his last days alive  he can lend you 2000 dollars if you needed it.I have blown more money on looks than on needs and that is why i’m not rich today. But life is a lesson and I have grasp every terrible thing that has happen to me and have it in my mind. For when Its time to make a decision again I will remember and make a better decision. The journey continues and my goal is just to be happy.

May your dream come alive in 2013

By Tyrone Garcia  Author of the book ‘ Soap That doesn’t Clean”


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