Thoughts come true.

Have you ever had a thought or fantasy about something you wanted but the days, months, and Years pass and it just doesn’t happen? But the day comes that it did happen and you didn’t even notice it. The days, months, and years past and you say ‘Hey I’m living my dream” That has happen to me several times in my life. The funny thing is when your living it is when you notice it. It’s like we are dreaming but awake and it’s all working the way we pictured it in our minds. It’s called the law of attraction something a learned by watching the movie documentary the Secret: by Rhonda Byrne. When I was a kid in school in art class I would  draw a picture of a house, car, and ship. I constantly did it and would think about it on a constant basis.  Well by 1988 I was sailing on the high seas living on a 550 foot cargo vessel, traveling through Europe, the Middle East, and South America. By 1994 I owned my first house and had a family living in it. I than started thinking of owning a business by 1999 I owned a restaurant. I than started thing about writing a book; which really started in 1987 and by 2012 I wrote a book. All because I allowed my mind to take my thoughts and turn them into a reality. I’m now thinking of some other things.  I want to have a business that will go global. I’m already there with this blog that has been seen by people in almost 40 countries but I want to do more so my mind again is going 100 miles an hour because there are other things I wants to have. I guess we all will get what we want if we really believe in ourselves.

May your dream come alive in 2013

By Tyrone Garcia Author of the book ‘Soap that doesn’t clean”

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