Over thinking can bring problems.

Why is it that we can be so stubborn with life? We make more of the situations than it is. We run with the first emotion that presents itself and we start to feel as we are right but not looking at the whole picture. We destroy relations between each other because we put expectations on everything without any knowledge of all that are involved. We think we are doing the right thing but we are making matters worse than there are. Where does it all come from?  Our greed, selfishness, closed mindedness, or just old self centeredness. I remember a time when I was so closed minded they can be giving me the answer right in front of me and I wouldn’t see it. I have learned to see better but still can make mistakes with life. I want to be the savior all the time and become more miserable than happy. But can we be just too aggressive with our hopes and dreams where we chase the wrong thing. Inside we are just people pleasing and not doing what we can to be helpful. Self seeking is the answer! We act as we helping but inside we are just after something: our hidden character defects that continue to haunt us.  Boy is we lost! But we are human and we make mistakes and our emotions if not controlled can take us for a terrible ride leaving many depressed friends and people on the road of hopelessness. For we all need to have good friends and we should treat them as that. We need to allow the universe to put together your future by being patient with life. We are so worried about being used that we confuse ourselves over thinking everything connected in our lives. Let life come to you don’t try and rush it because you’re committing what they call universal life suicide, than you will see yourself turning in a whirlpool of discontent and worry.

May your dream come alive in 2013?  :0)

By Tyrone Garcia Author of     “Soap That doesn’t Clean”


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