Live grateful.

I love the old fairy tales when it ends  “They lived happily ever after” You tend to shed a few tears and  It gives you a sense of hope that all will work out for the best. Is life a fairy Tale? “I believe so: for I’m still waiting on my happily ever after. I thought I did have it a few years ago but I’m still looking. The struggles continue and I continue to fight them every day. I don’t go one day without thinking of the glory years ahead. I feel like I’m close, but there are still bumps on the road that I must ride over. All of us in life have to deal with it, but if it wasn’t for these struggles we would all be lost for it’s the struggles that teach us about ourselves. We sometimes spend more time trying to comfort others and forget about ourselves and then blow up full of resentments. I heard once that we should comfort people even when we are uncomforted. I say comfort those along with you, because if you’re not happy you can’t comfort anyone. Our battle to finally feel that moment where you can say I have arrived and can live happy for the rest of my life is a moment we all look forward to. I believe if you continue to believe in some type of real happiness coming your way than you will receive that gift. For gratitude is what’s needed to inherit the happy life. We can feel good every moment of our lives, but we never should feel ungrateful, for when that feeling comes we lose any good fortune coming our way.

May your dream come alive in 2013 :0)

Tyrone Garcia Author of the book  “Soap That doesn’t clean”

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