Happiness solves all problems.

Make Happiness a Habit in your life!

I want this! I want that! I want everything!, but happiness. Why do we spend so much time praying for so many different things? We pray for money, for the kids, the job, the car, that girl we want to get, or that man you want, so many different things.  I am also a victim of this discontented character. The problems of life has confused us so much that we spend so much time trying to figure out what we  don’t need. Happiness covers all of that. Happiness covers that car you want, that house, that girl, that man, that job, that everything. When we pray we are affirming what we need to the universe or whatever you perceive God to be. We all have something in common: I can guarantee those prayers are never answered. Why? Because when you really listen to yourself it’s confusing and all we are doing is rambling to the creator. Never really knowing what we want just the worries we are dealing with. Happiness brings out the best in me; happiness brings out the glorified feeling of love. I have struggle so much in the past and I sometimes today to, I remember praying for money, one of our biggest prayers “Oh God if only I can get my hand on a million dollars life will be so great”   It might or it might not, you may spend it unwisely and then kill yourself over the grief of losing your riches. God has a plan that we must follow, our higher consciousness is the way to finding out what’s our mission in life. I look back at my life and I see allot of unnecessary detours that I have taken trying to control everything myself. However and as crazy as this may sound when I allow the spirit to take me my ride to happiness is never caught up in traffic.

May your dream come alive in2013 ;0)

Tyrone Garcia Author of the book “ Soap That doesn’t clean”


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