As time Passes By

How does one get lost in his own mind?  Where does the justification of self come from? I always believed that we do things to help others so we can keep the circle of brotherhood and sisterhood going, but when does it end? When does one say “hey how about me can I get some help to”…..  Everyone is in trouble may it be love, money, or loneliness, whatever it is there is much need for assistance to help them with their problems?  I have been a gift for many as many have been a gift for me. Together we have fought some battles and won some and lost some, but what’s important is that we continue to fight together. How does a man forget his past and starts another without his past stopping his future? Guilt is the culprit!!  People love to use guilt to pause your decisions. We start to think and wind up going backwards and never finding that life we want to have, because we do everything out of sorrow. What the sense of making someone happy when all the time it’s a lie. They think you are committed but you’re only committed to the pity you have for them.  Then the days, months, years, decades, pass and you say “what have I done”? I have thrown my years away on pity not an honest commitment. But what is it was destiny? Sometimes we are all part of a plot to get something done. We need to analyze what we have done. Bottom line is life is a journey we must enjoy and cherish every moment because everything in life is not permanent all the time.

May your dream come alive in 2013 :0)

Tyrone Garcia; Author of the book  “ Soap That doesn’t clean”

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