Justified killing

The Purge what a movie!! It’s a reality we just might face in the future. The right to act out on your anger by killing people for self healing wow! Only in America something like that can be justified, for we love walking with guns and if given permission to use them on people we would.  The movie was about people being able to kill legally once a year in order to be healed from anger.  I believe it would be total Kaos. How many people would love this idea?  Crime, unemployment, and poverty was down, all was good economically, but humanity was driven away for evil was in charge of the show. But thank God the director had some kind of morals. In the end it was the one being haunted by haters who saved the day, like always the power of goodness always wins. I always say that when the bad people are winning the good people must stay positive and fight through: for at the end the good people always wins. Faith must be the weapon we use in all our short coming, neither guns, or hate, can help any cause; for at the end all control is lost due to the confused mind of the lost soul who has given into the dark side. I only hope and pray that our society never gives into such a bad idea. For when they are starting to show it in movies or TV: gives me the thought that they are already thinking about it.

May God bless us all     may your dream come alive in 2013 :0)

Tyrone Garcia You can purchase my book  ‘Soap that doesn’t clean”  on the link below.


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