Text Text Text what else is there to do?

Texting what is it a new way of socializing without the body language?  I have to admit it I like it, but is it really a good way of having conversation with someone? Can it take away the true meaning of being with someone? It’s great for business and letting people know where you’re at without the phone call. However you don’t know how people received your message especially when you’re trying to make a point. It’s easy to take things the wrong way because you are constantly trying to figure out the other person. The good thing is you can read back your conversation and see where the thoughts are. Email is another one you’re real relationship is with the computer or iphone. Technology has been good, but it has also made us different. We depend on electronics and Phones to make contact with people, but the good thing is you can always have that connection even if you’re in another state, or country, or just late at night. In today’s gatherings at home or in a restaurant the cell phone takes over the date more than the two people that are out on the town or friends and family that are trying to enjoy the evening. I do it to it’s almost an addictive behavior. I have left to work without my iphone and have traveled back home, because I don’t think I can survive without it; even though there are telephones on my job if I needed to make a call I still need  to have my phone. Another problem is our grammar we don’t spell out words we abbreviate and forget about remembering phone numbers we just have the name and clic you’re calling.  I guess as time goes on and they continue to invent for entertainment we will be surprised with what comes out next.  

May your dream come alive in 2013 :0)

By Tyrone Garcia Author of the book  “Soap That doesn’t Clean”


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