Make your Dream a reality.

When does one stop believing in their dream?  When the world has fallen and the faith is gone? I believe in one thing! And that is? I will not stop swimming till I reach land and I’m safe. There is one thing I learned when I was a sailor? That is: when the ship sinks you can still survive. The life preservers will keep you afloat and allow you to live even if you have to float all the way to land or till another ship can find you. Survival is all on you how you attack life is how you will live. Some people stop swimming and drown, some swim till they dead, and some make it. Life is what you make it you can cry about what you don’t have or you can go get and take what you want. It works for those who apply themselves to victory. The sports  mind is good to have even when down by a touchdown with 25 seconds, and 80 yards to go is always the scenario in trying to reach goals. The problem is we get motivated but someone always comes along and tries to put water on your fire with their conservative reality, Statistics, speculation, or plane old fear. If Columbus was a realist we would have never built the world we have today. If the Wright brothers would have paid attention to statistics we still are floating towards our destinations all over the world. Every now and then an idea comes up and they tell you don’t do it! But you have to be blind and do it, because sometimes success comes around and picks us to run with an idea that is really a sure thing, because the universe is planning for you. If only people were living in the higher consciousness we all would be rich. Our minds will tell us who to help and see them grow into riches that he would than spread out to others. Immigrants do it all the time. They come to America start a business become successful than bring in more family so they can become successful also. The Chinese, Hindus, are some of the most successful people in America, very quietly they have taken over hotels, gas stations, fast food, and supermarkets, while American continue to hate each other over color, or personality problems. We all have the power to make our lives happy and fill it with wealth, health, and prosperity. But we need to believe in our dream and make it happen. Keep your dream alive!!!

May your dream come alive in 2013 J

By;  Tyrone Garcia;  Author of the book “Soap That doesn’t Clean”’t Clean”



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